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Platform and Policy Plans

I plan to guide and assist with implementing a sexual health curriculum that is inclusive and encompasses all aspects of sexual health and healthy relationships. 

I also want to move towards a space that in equitable for all children not just those in high income areas of Corvallis.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sexual Education

Introducing sexual education that covers all aspects of safe sex for all students in our high schools, i.e; sti testing, protection, and consent.

The curriculum should include a section of navigating healthy boundaries and relationships because it is a valuable skill that our children will carry throughout their lives. 


Implementing a Culture of Inclusivity

Implementing a culture of teachers and students acknowledging pronouns in a way that is common place for all to get CSD to match other districts around the state. 

I am looking forward to moving Corvallis towards cultivating a safe and welcoming environment for all students.