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Why am I running?

Community members keep asking me why I am running for office when I am a local organizer and activist, here is why. 

I have been in love with education since my days in college. I had planned on being a high school math teacher, yet life had other plans for me. In November of 2008 my daughter passed away and I could no longer continue on that path. I got into mental health and even deeper into social justice and activism. 

My activism started when Bush declared war on Iraq and I was a sophomore in high school attending North Eugene. That is were I learned what community focused activism was. Lending my voice to get people's attention and giving the mic to those who needed to be heard. This has held true at all the rallies, marches, and events that I have planned over the last 16 years of my life. 

I plan on continuing that tradition as a valued member of the School Board here in Corvallis making sure that the LBGTQ+ voice is heard, valid, and respected on all aspects of school board matters. However, I am not only educated on and concerned about LBGTQ+ issues I am a proud member of the community. I have been outwardly queer since high school and last year finally felt safe enough to come out as Non-Binary to my community as a whole. (Yes that means my pronouns are they, them, and themself :) )

My focus for the School Board here in Corvallis isn't only on LBGTQ+ issues. I am also striving for adding my experience and voice to the process and plans the School Board already has moving towards equity for all students regarding curriculum, class sizes, class materials and resources, and speaking to parents and children in a manner that that recieved so they feel like they are a part of the process, valid and heard. That is because they are all valued parts of the system that is our school system. 

My personal buy-in to the Corvallis School District is not only am I a community member, activist, an LBGTQ+ member, but I am also a parent to two wonder children who attend schools in the district.