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Meet Brandy Fortson

I am a parent, local activist, and a queer person. 

As a Co-Chair of the Heart of the Valley DSA and Precinct Committee Person for the Benton County Democrats, I have organized several marches, rallies, and fundraisers in Corvallis that all aid and benefit the city including our adolescents. 

My time in Corvallis started from attending Oregon State University where I studied Mathematics and Education because I intended on being a high school math teacher. Sometimes life throws you down a different path and in 2008, shortly after I graduated from OSU my middle child passed away shortly after birth and I decided upon a different career. 

I got into the field of mental health due to experiencing the direct application of the services in my own life. Through years of employment at both the state level and local nonprofit level of mental health care, I obtained training in Collaborative Problem Solving, Trauma Informed Care, and several different communication styles and techniques. 

I am also a local parent and through my children - both biological and foster - have parented children in all levels of schools here in Corvallis. Corvallis has been my home for several years and I am striving to make this a place where my children and others can be proud to have grown up here. 

My self-care and hobbies include knitting, walking my dogs, writing and playing music, and enjoying the company of friends. 

I am looking forward to serving Corvallis as a member of the School Board and believe my impact on the schools will assist youth and families for years to come.